X has found out what he needs to do, he tells me. He needs to kill his idols, hunt down all his Buddhas and kill them, leave them dying by the side of the road. He needs to stop being such a toady, he says, stop looking for a leader to show him the way. Because who needs a leader when we’re all in the same boat on the same endless sea, he says. Then again, he says, isn’t that precisely when you need a leader the most, when you’re in the lifeboat with no land in sight? That’s when you need a leader to step up, and that’s what he needs, he says, a leader to tell him what to do, how to survive. If you leave your idols gasping by the side of the road, where do you go? he says. Shuffling down the road to nowhere, that’s where, he says. Then again, he says, maybe we’re all on the road to nowhere, even leaders of men, maybe especially the leaders of men. Maybe they’re just leading the way down the road to nowhere, he says, and in that case why would he need a leader? What does it matter if he sits down to starve in the boat or puts his faith in the leader, sits down in the ditch or trudges after the leader?

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One response to “Leaders

  1. Though provoking post you have written. What a unique way to talk about leaders. I guess this goes to show that leadership is not a position but action. Someone must step up and be the leader of the group or everyone will just be lost and clueless. However, they can adventure out to learn something new.

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