X still carries his adolescence around with him, he tells me, isn’t that obvious from the way he talks to me? Isn’t it obvious from the way tells me he needs to grow up and get a life and get a girlfriend or get a chinchilla to keep him company and all that? Anyone who had those things wouldn’t need to talk about it, would they? They wouldn’t need to talk so much, they’d just get on with their lives, let things gravitate around them, make things happen and let things happen around the things they make happen. No, he’s one of those arrested adolescents, he says, like PhD students who take forever to finish their thesis, he’s scared of real life, he’s living in an illusion, that much is obvious, he says, he’s not a doer, he’s a done to. In other words, he needs to grow up, get a life, he says, grow a pair, stop being so needy, stop talking to me, stop needing to talk to me, live in the real world and let me come to him, or not, what does he care, he has his own life, he says, he’s himself, get a life, he tells me, stop pestering me, I’m trying to live my life.


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