X’s dossier

X tells me that one of these days someone’s going to show him his life, and it won’t be pleasant. Someone will come to his door, a man in a black suit will knock on his door, wordlessly hand him a dossier marked CONFIDENTIAL in big red letters and go away. The dossier will detail all his life’s failures, he says, all the stupid things he’s ever done, with pictures. He’ll look around in horror and run down the street, he says, but the man will be gone, of course, and he’ll stand in the middle of the street, holding his dossier.


2 responses to “X’s dossier

  1. Scares me, but I love it.
    You’re fantastic!
    (I really like X, too.)

  2. While addressing her district, she said tearfully that nobody should have to put up with the behind-the-back comments she took. ,

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