The seafront on a sunny bank holiday. What could be better? Conscience clean after a week of hard physical work. Pleasantly hungover, taking pictures of the ruined pier, listening to Morgan Geist, listening to Kelley Polar, listening to Michael Jackson. Remember moments like these, I tell X, these moments that approach joy, even ecstasy, they’re the ones you should be remembering, they’re the ones that almost make it worth it. As MJ rightly said, When the world is on your shoulder gotta straighten up your act and boogie down. If you can’t hang with the feeling then there ain’t no room for you in this town. Listen to MJ! I say. Straighten up your act and stop frowning for no reason, people don’t frown here, this is a happy town. This town can save us if we let it, I tell him, that’s why I brought you here, don’t you understand? He looks around gloomily, silent for once. Later he mutters, If we can’t be happy here we can’t be happy anywhere.


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