Totally zen

Life can be good, you know, I tell X. The simple things, as they say. Good food when you’re hungry, a bath when you’ve worked hard, that sort of thing. We should learn to appreciate the simple things in life, as they say, instead of all the horror. Put all the horror out of our minds and be like animals for a while, or babies, or baby animals. Find something that feels nice and just stay in the moment, become one with our surroundings. All right, says X, I want a drink. A drink feels nice. Let’s go the pub, then I promise I’ll stay in my surroundings or whatever, as long as you promise to stop talking. OK, I say, just one drink in the sun, the weather’s good. Good, see this is what I mean, I say. We’ll sit down and practise becoming one, we’ll become the drink itself, it’ll be totally zen. Shut up, says X as he pulls his coat on.


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