Judgement and revolution

A judgement is coming, I tell X. There can only be so much sin without a judgement. But even a judgement isn’t enough, perhaps it’s already here… What’s needed is an apocalypse, I say, a great fire of the spirit! A revolution too may be coming, may be in the air, but that too will only be a beginning, the merest of beginnings, waiting for us to begin… The true Judgement, accompanied by the true Revolution, will be the beginning of the end, I say, the real end at last, the end that shakes and burns and transfigures everything. Oh when will it come, that end! I say. But it’s got to be something completely different from us, says X, you do realise that, don’t you? That’s the only way we’ll be saved, that’s the only way it won’t end in tears. Revolution! What a joke, he says. But the Judgement is coming, you’re right about that much, he says, in fact it’s already here.


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