Soon our banishment will be complete

But we never wanted power in the first place, did we? We didn’t want a say. We didn’t want to be heard or seen. We just wanted to hide, like children – but like children who didn’t want to be found. Now they’re finding us, aren’t they, they’re finding everyone, rooting us out with sniffer dogs, with cameras, with photos and humiliating headlines. Very soon there’ll be no room to hide, no room at all, and our banishment will be complete. They’ll leave us no hiding places, not even that, we’ll be driven out of our flat, onto the streets, into a queue of a thousand beggars, a thousand parasites. They’ll expose us as the losers we are, we’ll have nowhere to go, we’ll get to the front of the queue, starving, broken, and be sent back to the end. We’ll grovel to be allowed to be taken to factories, gladly work without pay, gratefully sleep on the floor, anything but the streets, where we’d surely get raped, shot, stabbed, mugged, burned and left for dead.


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