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My destination

I called for my horse to be brought from the stable. The servant did not understand me. I myself went into the stable, saddled my horse and mounted.

In the distance I heard a bugle call. I asked him what it meant but he did not know and had not heard it.

By the gate he stopped me and asked, ‘Where are you riding to sir?’ I answered, ‘away from here, away from here, always away from here. Only by doing so can I reach my destination’. ‘Then you know your destination’, he asked. ‘Yes’, I said, ‘I have already said so, “Away-From-Here”, that is my destination’.

‘You have no provisions with you’, he said. ‘I don’t need any’, I said. ‘The journey is so long that I will die of hunger if I do not get something along the way. It is, fortunately, a truly immense journey.’

— Kafka (exegesis)

— This book started out with a feeling of meaninglessness, which is a death sin in the old, you know… It’s the worst thing you can do, to see the world as a meaningless place, because life is a gift, you know…
— Life is a gift?
— Yes, and you throw it away…
— From God?
— I’m not aware, I can’t answer that, but I’m just saying that…
— You’re not a religious person?
— Yes, in a way I am, I’m very interested in those subjects, I’ve written a lot about it, but that also has to do with meaning, of course, and if you’re searching for meaning you have to deal with religion, of course. But before that we were talking about meaninglessness as an art…

— Knausgaard, interview