Monthly Archives: October 2008

A magic cure

I get up too late
The day is lost
I don’t bless the rooster
I don’t raise my hands to the water
Then it’s dark
and I look into all the spots
on rue St-Denis
I even talk religion
to the other wastrels
who, like me, are after new women
In bed I fall asleep
in the middle of a Psalm
which I am reading
for a magic cure

— Leonard Cohen

A deep happiness

A deep happiness
     has seized me
My Christian friends say
that I have received
     the Holy Spirit
It is only the truth of solitude
It is only the torn anemone
fastened to the rock
     its root exposed
to the off-shore wind
O friend of my scribbled life
your heart is like mine —
your loneliness
     will bring you home

— Leonard Cohen