Monthly Archives: September 2012

I read to say to myself

I read to encounter people who take life as seriously as I was meant to, whose very lives are at stake in their writing. But I hardly read, life gets in the way.

— Frenet, Journal


Life gets in the way

To encounter someone in the close distance or distant closeness that art creates is easy, but to stay with them in it is almost impossible. Life gets in the way.

— Frenet, Journal


Every word I utter to another is a call into a cave, and its echo is an ethical demand. It says: who are you that you can say this and mean it? It says: who are you that you think you can you help me?

Frenet, Journal

Every time

 I cannot paint a ‘Bram’. I don’t know how to. A ‘Bram’ emerges and surprises me every time. It’s not a utility, it’s the contrary of a product.

— Bran van Velde (tr. Tweed and Roman)


This journal is impossible. To use writing, the very thing that distances us from life as a tool to bring life close, to get life back, is a ridiculous enterprise.

— Frenet, Journal

The struggle

The struggle is this: to allow all that’s said to enter into you as into a graveyard, to believe nothing, not even your disbelief, to seek no answer, accept no answer…

More and more the fragment, the fragment of the fragment, the swallowing and giving darkness.

— Frenet, Journal

To feel contempt for the people is stupid of course. But you have to be cautious, for the people will attack you because you are not like them: ‘He takes walks all day. He needs to be picked off!’ But it’s a never-ending yearning to belong to the people. And the so-called simple people always have a better understanding of my writing than others.

– Thomas Bernhard, interview