Monthly Archives: September 2012

Every time

 I cannot paint a ‘Bram’. I don’t know how to. A ‘Bram’ emerges and surprises me every time. It’s not a utility, it’s the contrary of a product.

— Bran van Velde (tr. Tweed and Roman)


This journal is impossible. To use writing, the very thing that distances us from life as a tool to bring life close, to get life back, is a ridiculous enterprise.

— Frenet, Journal

The struggle

The struggle is this: to allow all that’s said to enter into you as into a graveyard, to believe nothing, not even your disbelief, to seek no answer, accept no answer…

More and more the fragment, the fragment of the fragment, the swallowing and giving darkness.

— Frenet, Journal


To feel contempt for the people is stupid of course. But you have to be cautious, for the people will attack you because you are not like them: ‘He takes walks all day. He needs to be picked off!’ But it’s a never-ending yearning to belong to the people. And the so-called simple people always have a better understanding of my writing than others.

– Thomas Bernhard, interview