The hidden God

– God is without name, for no one can say or understand anything of him… Hence if I say: ‘God is good’, this is not true. I am good, but God is not good… If I say further: ‘God is wise’, this is not true, I am wiser than he. If I say also: ‘God is a being’, this is not true; he is a being above being and a superessential negation. A master says: If I had a God whom I could know, I would not think him to be God…

– God becomes God when the creatures say: ‘God’.

— Master Eckhart

2 responses to “The hidden God

  1. a wonderful quote from Eckhart. I ran across it one day at the abysmal Rapture Ready forums, where it was greeted with ridicule and scorn. Eckhart’s God was way too big for their small minds to even begin to contemplate..

  2. A yes, Rapture Ready. Are they still going? Well, I suppose they must be, since to my knowledge the Rapture hasn’t happened yet…

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