In the haze your image

In the haze your image
Trembled; it troubled
And eluded me: mistakenly
I said, ‘Good God!’

The name of the Lord — a large bird —
Flew from my breast.
In front: a swirl of mist.
Behind: the empty cage.

— Osip Mandelshtam

2 responses to “In the haze your image

  1. hi peter! thanks for the wonderful message at my blog — and sorry for replying so late. i go awol once or twice a year. anyway, i added you to my blog links. hope this is okay.

    just wanted to say that i love your story in prick of the spindle. if you’re looking for venues for your work, do try us at press 1 (

    hope you’re having a great summer,

  2. I’m glad you liked it Arlene. I really rate your poetry.

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