‘You see, Justine, I believe that Gods are men and men Gods; they intrude on each other’s lives, trying to express themselves through each other — hence such apparent confusion in our human states of mind, our intimations of powers within or beyond us … And then (listen) I think that very few people realize that sex is a psychic and not a physical act. The clumsy coupling of human beings is simply a biological paraphrase of this truth — a primitive method of introducing minds to each other, engaging them. But most people are stuck in the physical aspect, unaware of the poetic rapport which it so clumsily tries to teach. That is why all your dull repetitions of the same mistake are simply like a boring great multiplication table, and will remain so until you get your head out of the paper bag and start to think responsibly.’

— Lawrence Durrell, The Alexandria Quartet


One response to “Intimations

  1. Q ‘Words — at least as we use them — tend to hide non-physical experiences from us.’ Once one has removed the barriers which Aristotle, Descartes and Co. put in the way, is this ‘non-physical experience’ parallel to (i.e., interrelated with) physical experience? Is every physical experience therefore undergone on various levels?

    A: Yes, very definitely. For example, so-called psychic experiences are experienced insofar as one experiences them at all through the physical senses. People see or hear ghosts, feel various emanations, presences, etc.

    The Job. Interview with William Burroughs

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