Home truths

‘You talked about *home truths*,’ he wrote, ‘which itself was a turn of phrase that made me hate you. I hated its easy abundance, the idea that anything in life could be so simple and clear-cut. All these years later, I am writing now to say that you were right; the things you said then I now recognise to be true. But I recognise their truth with this codicil, which isn’t a part of me, but which comes from elsewhere: this recognition is like a very small and temporary chink in a well-fitted armour, and I know that I shall re-read this and find that what I say is false. I shall believe and know it to be false, just as it was false in the past. Yet it will be true, if I can adequately command this moment of opportunity to set the record straight…’

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2 responses to “Home truths

  1. Have been reading your blog on and off for a while now and have to say sometimes what you’re saying is immediately apparent to me, and causes me to smile, and sometimes your writing is not immediately understood. When the latter occurs, I make a commitment to come back and read you again. I usually “get it” on second reading. I like that you cause me to read twice; it’s like the difference between a hearty meal and a snack. We tend to remember the hearty meals.

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