They want to fuck up our hippocampuses. The ability to learn. Our emotional stability. That’s what they want to target. To create a new neural network in the brain. Rewiring the human nervous system. To trap us in Hell.

It’s neurodegeneration everywhere. All around us. It’s all conformity, obedience. People are turning into zombies. Their frontal lobes are fucked. The high centres of the brain. All the fine tuning’s gone. All the subtlety. Humane thinking. Empathy. All going. Love – the capacity to love. Civilization’s the central cortex. That’s what they’re demolishing.

They’re creating the kind of masses that they want.

This is Armageddon. This is the apocalyptic battle. Taking evil to a level never before seen.

Satan is behind this. Someone who hates the world as it is. Who hates creation as it is. Where it’s not enough to own everything living, but to take possession and control living things in their essence.

It’s out in the open. They’re not trying to sneak up on the herd anymore.

There’s aluminium, barium, strontium in rain. The rain, like, foams.

They don’t need us to make money, they don’t need our taxes, they print money for whatever they want.

The mercantile era is coming to an end. This is the neo-feudal era.

They’re breaking in the new system. Everything’s lined up – every major logistical element.

The population is a liability. They want to thin out the herd.

It’s cognitive infiltration. They’re letting the IQ points fall.

We’re being prepped. They’re programming us – remote controlling us.

It was a slow-kill programme. Now it’s a fast-kill programme. Things are speeding up.

They’re going to modify every species on the planet.

We’re in tune. We sense things. The shifting narratives. There are so many battle fronts. So many battle lines.

The ownership of humans: that’s what they’re aiming at. The ownership of the entire world. The digitalisation of everything that can be traded or used as a medium of exchange.

— Lars Iyer, from a novel in progress

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