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Fragments speak to me of hope. They reach out to completion but never reach it.


The world is various, abundant and incomplete. If it were ever to reach completion, that would be annihilation. The fragment represents life.

Lauren Albert


I used to write to You, but the You has dissolved out of my life. Rinsed of starch, I’m limp, limp as a cuttle-fish, scuttling, color-shifting, many predators. Laying eggs and going off to die.

Catherine Ednie

For only when I err do I get away from what I know and what I understand. If ‘truth’ were what I can understand, it would end up being but a small truth, my-sized. Truth must reside precisely in what I shall never understand.

— Clarice Lispector


It’s only when I say that everything is incomprehensible that I come as close as possible to understanding the only thing it is given to us to understand.

— Ionesco

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Love notes

I leave love notes all around the house. Dear You I write. Then I check them. Some begin Dear Me, and others begin Dear God.

Richard Jay Goldstein