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Too easy

Q. This film feels like you were out of [depression], that you had come to another place.
A. Yes, and that’s what I’m not so proud of somehow. That it was too easy to do the film.
Q. It feels like it was easy, it feels like it was like butter.
A. Yeah.
Q. Why is that bad?
A. That’s a very good question. I think it has to do with the Protestantism of my country, even though I’m not religious. I think it has to with that … It’s like, you have a great view and if you crawl there with your nails and see the view, or you go there in your car, stop the car, get out, see the view… that’s something different… even though it’s the same view.

Lars von Trier

The Idiots

[Extracts from Lars von Trier’s The Idiots film diary, my trans.]


The following is a kind of diary which I recorded on a dictaphone from just before the start of production until well into the editing stage. In keeping with the spirit of Dogma, I have neither read nor corrected the text. However, Peter Øvig has been kind enough to read it and make corrections where they were necessary in order to make the spoken language readable—but without my intervention or censure.

Without otherwise disavowing the text, I will merely note that all statements are unprepared and thus spontaneous. Since both the factual and analytical information probably contain quite a few inaccuracies (not to say untruths), it is advisable to read the text as a kind of self-therapy on the part of the author, born out of the agitated emotional state that was the very technique of the film.

Lars von Trier, March 1998

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