Part of the problem

X has found out what he needs to do, he tells me. It was like a voice made it all clear for him, like a teacher talking to a child, was it you? he asks. Of course it wasn’t. It told him to get out and do some good in the world, be part of the solution not the problem, because right now he’s part of the problem, he’s very much on the side of the problem rather than the solution, though it wasn’t specific about the nature of the problem or the solution for that matter. The voice told him to be more like Obama, a wholesome American man of energy and goodwill, the father he never had. It’s true he needs change, a new direction. He should take some responsibility and do some good in the world, stop talking so much shit to me, surely that’s part of the problem, isn’t it? he asks. With hard work and positive thinking the sky’s the limit. He could feel the fulfilment of helping people, he can do it, that’s essentially what the voice meant, he says. Maybe he should read Obama’s book for inspiration, he says, it’s said to be highly inspirational.

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